VIDEO – Presidential: Emmanuel Macron will speak “when he deems it necessary”, explains Aurore Bergé

Soon the end of the false-suspense? Until then very silent, Emmanuel Macron still casts doubt on his future participation in the 2022 presidential election. However, this does not worry the representatives of his majority. “The President of the Republic remains far ahead of all his competitors [dans les sondages, nldr]“, thus recalls Aurore Bergé on the set of LCI. “And he has not yet spoken on his candidacy“, adds the MP, stressing that the situation is therefore not urgent. “Until then, we were at the heart of the debate on the vaccine pass, on the management of the health crisis. We needed a President of the Republic who was fully so to make the necessary decisions”, she says again. The elected official believes that the Head of State “will speak out when it deems it necessary and legitimate”. “Others declared themselves very late, whether François Mitterrand or Nicolas Sarkozy. These debates have always existed each time a president could stand for re-election”, she points out.

The parliamentarian LaREM also returned to the creation of the “Horizons” party by Edouard Philippe and the issues that this could raise during the upcoming election. The former Prime Minister “had posed as a prerequisite for the creation of his party: support for EM and his re-election. Consequently, all those who engage in Horizon first wish the re-election of the President of the Republic“, says Aurore Bergé. “This movement is part of what will be tomorrow, I hope, the new presidential majority”, she says.

This is part of a dynamic “large rally of a center right which has no other candidate than Emmanuel Macron […] and the Republican left, very clear on issues of secularism, which has no other candidate either“, she underlines. And to the deputy to add: “The stories of internal shop, that does not interest anyone. Knowing which label or political logo will be affixed to the posters of the candidates, for the presidential or the legislative, we do not care”. “What matters is the political project”, she hammers.

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