Video: Prince Louis: This is what sets him apart from his siblings

Prince Louis
This is what distinguishes the little one from its siblings

Prince Louis childhood seems like his siblings grew up. There is a difference, however.


George, Charlotte and Louis grow up under the same conditions. At least that's what it seems at first glance. But there is a small difference.

Did you know that the youngest of the family, Prince Louis, grows up under very different conditions than his siblings? The reason: The family has already moved, which means that Louis is not used to one thing.

Prince Louis: He doesn't grow up in the country

While his older siblings lived in the country for parts of their childhood, Prince Louis is a true city kid. Life in London has been familiar to him since birth. Nevertheless, the little ones are not completely denied the country life, because the family also like to spend time there. So he can experience the best of both worlds!