Video: Prince Philip: Transfer to a new hospital

Prince Philip
Relocation to a new hospital

Still great concern for Prince Philip: He has never been in the hospital for as long as he is now.


Queen Elizabeth's 99-year-old husband has been hospitalized for an infection since February 16. You can find out in the video why Prince Philip has now been moved to a new hospital.

Since Prince Philip was admitted to King Edward VII's Hospital in London two weeks ago, there has been great concern for the 99-year-old. Especially the sick visit of the visibly dissolved Prince Charles fueled the speculations about the ailing health of his father, who was admitted because of malaise and now has to be treated for an infection.

Prince Philip: How is he now?

Today the prince was then admitted to a new hospital, where he will be treated further. You can find out how he is doing and where he is now in the video.

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