Video recipe: feasting under 500 calories with curry and risotto

Nutrition tip
Gourmet recipes under 500 calories

Our risotto recipe in the video has a healthy but very tasty twist!


Health is at the top of our list of priorities for 2021 – and that includes a balanced diet. In the video we show you two uncomplicated recipes with less than 500 calories, with which you will definitely not have to forego enjoyment.

Especially now that we are making ourselves comfortable at home, don't you want to do without enjoyment? You don't have to either: There are plenty of delicious recipes that fill you up and don't taste like diet at all. In the video we show you two dishes that we just particularly liked.

Do you want to feast without a guilty conscience? No problem!

A creamy risotto is just as important as a spicy curry. However, although both recipes taste like pure enjoyment, they have very few calories. You can find out how this works and how you can cook it at home in the video.

Source used: RTL