VIDEO Search apartment or house: the colossal budget of a Parisian couple shocks Internet users

This January 14 in Search apartment or house, Stéphane Plaza helped a Parisian couple find the property of their dreams. And for that, they had a fairly impressive budget, which made Internet users dizzy.

Paris, Stéphane Plaza knows it inside out. France’s favorite real estate agent and star of M6, the best friend of Karine Le Marchand loves to go in search of the hidden goods of the capital. No wonder Fabienne Carat and her sister Carole trusted her to find their dream apartment! But don’t be fooled by his antics, his blunders, his bowls and his eternal smile, Stephane Plaza sees himself more like a sad clown.

Behind the mask there is a sad clown. A being more fragile than it looks. A man who tries to pick up his pieces, his soul and his heart, and who protects the one who matters to him”, he confided with an open heart to Nikos Aliagas on January 13, in the columns of Gala. A suffering that was born following the death of his mother. “It’s been a long time now, but I still have enormous pain. I learned, recently, to accept this pain which is there every minute and every second”, affirmed the real estate agent.

“It pays well star dancer”

But this Friday, January 14, it is a happy and smiling Stéphane Plaza who strolled through the streets of Paris with Amandine, star of the Paris Opera ballet, and her husband Jean, PE teacher and rugby player. In a relationship for six years and married for a year, the lovebirds now have only one desire: to buy a property together. Because for all these years, they have been living in the star dancer’s apartment. So they put all their hopes in Stéphane Plaza. And beware, they have very specific criteria, especially in terms of location. Also, Amandine and Jean want an apartment of at least 70m2, with two bedrooms, bright, quiet, but close to the shops.

All for a budget of… 860,000 euros, even 900,000 in case of a big crush. No problem for Stéphane Plaza, who went in search of the rare pearl. But on social networks, Internet users were flabbergasted by this colossal budget. “It pays well prima ballerina”, “A budget that makes you sweat”, “Budget of 860K with the guy sports teacher, how much does the opera pay?”, “Ah anyway”, “The budget!”, “It seems improbable to me”, “Budget of 900,000 euros and he is a PE teacher. We don’t live in the same world,” many viewers remarked. A budget that makes you dizzy!

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