Video surveillance: this town has 13 cameras for 250 inhabitants

It is one of the safest villages in France. Estrébœuf, a small town in Hauts-de-France, now has 13 video surveillance cameras for only 250 inhabitants, or about one camera for 20 inhabitants.

A calculation which today places Estrébœuf far ahead of Nice, the French champion in the field, which has 1 camera for 128 inhabitants.

To justify this expensive acquisition, the mayor HE Jean-Marie Machat explains: “We are not numerous, but it is a very long village, with two hamlets at a distance and 7 km of roads”. However, he adds, “in summer, the hamlet of Drancourt goes from 20 to more than 1,000 inhabitants with its campsite.”

A cost amortized by aid

The 13 cameras were installed at the entrances to the town, around the multipurpose hall, the town hall, or even the church but without filming the cemetery, as prohibited by the Cnil.

This installation was made possible thanks to various grants. The municipality of the Somme has indeed benefited from the aid offered since last year by the county council. Namely, the financing of 40% of the price excluding taxes of video protection works. To this is added the 20% of the Departmental Energy Federation.

Thus, the town hall disbursed 27,938 euros, out of a total of 87,947 euros for video protection work. This security system has been effective since January 1, 2022.

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