Video: "The Bachelor": Stephie talks about her surprising expulsion

"The Bachelor"
Ex-candidate Stephie speaks about her surprising expulsion

"Bachelor" candidate Stephie can still not believe what she has experienced.


The disappointment runs deep, you notice that when Stephie talks about her sudden end at the "Bachelor". After all, the 25-year-old had actually already been selected for the final – but then everything turned out very differently.

There has never been anything like this with the "Bachelor". Although the 25-year-old Stephie Stark had actually already received a rose for the final from Bachelor Niko Griesert, the contradicting bachelor withdrew his decision shortly before the show. And caused a lot of confusion and disappointment for Stephie.

Stephie Stark: "Complete Void"

You can find out in the video how she is doing now, how she felt about her last conversation with Niko and what she would have wished from him.


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