Video: This is why our belly button feels strange when you touch it

This is why our belly button feels strange when we touch it

There are questions that are so banal that we actually ask ourselves them far too seldom. That’s why we got to the bottom of the matter with the belly button.

Now butter with the fish: How often do you pulse around in your belly button? Or do you press it with relish? Anyone who just can’t keep their hands off their core from time to time knows this strange feeling that arises when they touch their belly button. But have you ever wondered where that comes from?

Because there is one thing we can tell you directly: There is a simple and totally plausible explanation. But before we tell you more about this, there are 6 more (sometimes extremely strange and disturbing) facts about our navel.

  1. There are 107 different bacteria in your belly button. So next time you stir your belly button, keep your hands on guard. (We only mean well.)
  2. Do you always have lint in your belly button? For you to know: These are loose fibers from your clothes and dead skin cells.
  3. Ever heard of omphaloscopy? Here is a little digression on the subject of fetish: Omphaloscopy is the technical term for obsession with the belly button. (There are things … But as the saying goes: Every little animal has its own little toy.)
  4. Let’s get back to the fluff: In 2000, Graham Barker set a world record that may ruin your appetite. He is the man with the world’s largest collection of lint. (Who can can!)
  5. And if this fact hasn’t knocked you off your feet yet – this one certainly does: In addition to lint and bacteria, 2,368 different species of microorganisms have already been found in the navel.
  6. The belly button is nothing more than a scar, by the way. The separation of the umbilical cord at birth creates scar tissue, which in turn forms the belly button.

Can you still? Then be sure to watch the video, because there we’ll tell you why your belly button always feels so strange when you touch it. And don’t worry: it has nothing to do with a fetish or thousands of bacteria! Promised …