Video: This mulled wine to take home is the most delicious

Taste test
This is the most delicious mulled wine to take home

Fortunately, mulled wine is not to be missed this year either.


This year, mulled wine is best drunk comfortably at home – but is it worth making it yourself or does what you buy taste even better? You can find out in the video.

Even in the Corona year, the winter drink mulled wine is a fixed part of the run-up to Christmas for many – corona-compliant at home, but still tasty. But not all mulled wine is the same. This applies to the Christmas market just like at home.

Taste test: which mulled wine is the best?

But is an elaborate mulled wine recipe worthwhile for home? Or does what you buy from the supermarket or discount store taste even better? And what do you get when you compare prices? RTL found that out in the big mulled wine test 2020 – with an amazing result!

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