VIDEO – Tobacco: even without a price increase, sales continue to fall

For a year, Larry has been one of those who have decided to smoke less. “I went from about ten cigarettes a day to about five. For my health, I restrict more and more“, he explains in the report at the top of this article. And he is far from being the only one. The trend observed in the tobacconist where TF1 goes is telling: 30% less turnover compared to 2020. Quite simply because customers are buying fewer cigarettes.

Nationwide, cigarette deliveries to tobacconists fell from 35.8 billion in 2020 to 33.5 billion in 2021, a drop of 6.5%. However, the price of a pack of cigarettes, after having been brought beyond 10 euros, did not increase last year. A first since the start of Emmanuel Macron’s mandate. So how to explain it?

For this seller interviewed by TF1, customers are increasingly turning to other products: heated tobacco, shisha tobacco, etc. There, the sales continue to increase. And this is what worries associations for the protection against smoking. “For the moment, it is a tiny part of consumption, but we must be very wary of it and ensure that there is not a complete diversion towards these products, especially since it is led by tobacco industries that know their business inside out“, warns Gérard Audureau, president of the association DNF-Tomorrow will be a non-smoker.

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