Video: Trend hair colors 2021: This is how Parisians tint their hair

Trend hair colors 2021:
Parisians now color their hair this way

The trend hair colors of the Parisian women provide new momentum!


Not only do fashion news spill over from the fashion metropolis Paris – but also the latest beauty trends. Right at the front: the hottest hair colors for 2021.

Would you like a little change? If you've always wanted to tint your hair, now is the perfect time. In lockdown you can first feel your way around and experiment. Perfect! And the Parisians provide the necessary inspiration.

Très belle!

From "black-brown" to "blond contour" to "natural gray" – there really is something for everyone. Most importantly, the trend hair colors look natural. We'll tell you in the video how beautiful the whole thing looks and what you should pay attention to when dyeing.

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