Video: Trump's farewell: Ivanka with a sudden outburst of emotion

Donald Trump's farewell
Ivanka with a sudden outburst of emotion

Emotional farewell: Ivanka Trump is considered the favorite child of ex-President Donald Trump.


Joe Biden is the new US President. But instead of attending his swearing-in, his predecessor Donald Trump and wife Melania say goodbye with a farewell speech from the White House – which apparently brings tears to Ivanka's eyes.

With Joe Biden, the USA has a new president as of today. And while many people around the world have been waiting for this news for four years, the former "First Family" Trump is openly expressing her feelings about the removal of her head of family.

Ivanka Trump: ex-presidential daughter shows emotions

Especially the ex-president's daughter Ivanka shows her feelings unusually openly during her father's farewell speech. While Donald Trump and Melania step in front of the microphone again, Ivanka suddenly begins to cry. In the video you can see her emotional outburst.

Source used: Wochit, in-house production