Video: Underwear model confidently shows off her maxi pad

Photo with maxi bandage causes extreme reactions

Jess Megan's fans love her for her open approach to supposedly taboo subjects.


Underwear model Jess Megan has no problem posting revealing pictures of herself on Instagram – but a recent photo stands out due to a small detail.

In 2020, the luxury tax on feminine hygiene products was finally abolished – but there is still a long way to go to a really relaxed approach to tampons, sanitary towels, etc. British influencer Jess Megan could have taken a step in the right direction with a photo posting.

Posting maxi sanitary towels causes a stir

Because in the photo you can see Jess not only in sexy underwear, but also with a maxi bandage. Two things that you rarely see in combination. Because maxi pads themselves are a product that is hardly talked about and that is certainly not shown. But the reactions to the daring picture speak for themselves!