VIDEO Valérie Lemercier: why her sister’s marriage made her sad

On the occasion of the release of the play Beloved sister on January 22, Valérie Lemercier was invited to the set of C to you this Wednesday, January 5, 2022. She took the opportunity to talk about her sisters, and in particular when the older one left the home. A hard test for the actress.

After the cinema, it’s time for the theater. Indeed, after the release of his film Aline on Celine Dion, Valérie Lemercier will play in the play Beloved sisters, of Brigitte Buc, on January 22 at the Antoine theater in Paris. And the one who made herself known in Visitors will be on stage alongside Isabelle Gélinas and Patrick Catalifo. And for this occasion, the 57-year-old actress was invited to the set of C to you this Wednesday, January 5, 2022. She took the opportunity to mention her three sisters: Hélène, Élisabeth and Aude, and in particular the funny nicknames they give each other.

My big sister, we call her Glinchk, I am called ‘big string’ but then it became FBS for ‘Fucking big string’. I never understood then that I don’t like thongs! “, she explained, before continuing: “Elisabeth is Besk and the last one, Aude, we called her ‘my little living being’ or even ‘mi couisse mi couisse’. She was small so she had small thighs. In my posts, I always sign ‘FBS’ because I’m a bit international. These are real sister things, we can’t really understand“.

“My big sister was very maternal to me”

Very close to her sisters, Valérie Lemercier notably returned to an event in the life of the eldest, Hélène. This is the moment when she left the family home to live her life on her own.My big sister was very maternal to me, so when she got married it was sad for me because I was losing some kind of mother, she recalls. But fortunately, the actress can always count on her despite the distance.

Indeed, on July 13, when she climbed the steps of Cannes for her film Aline, the director was surrounded by her three sisters, who absolutely wanted to be present for this very important moment.

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