VIDEO – Valérie Pécresse tackles Patrick Cohen: “I don’t know if the question is well asked”

Guest on the set of C to you, Thursday December 7, Valérie Pécresse was asked about her opinion regarding the rise of the far right by Patrick Cohen, who wanted to know if she “always considered” that “it was a danger for democracy”. “I still invite you to look at who the National Rally really is,” replied the president of the Île-de-France regional council. Attempting to refocus the conversation, the journalist simply indicated that “this is the question which was asked by the French and which has been asked for forty years by Sofres [société de sondages et d’études, NDLR]“.

The columnist of the France 5 program discussed the result of this question asked of respondents and which proves that the French “More likely to think that the RN does not represent a danger for democracy with 45% saying no”, turning to his guest for her opinion on the subject. Not really convinced by the wording of the survey question, Valérie Pécresse declared: “I don’t know if the question is extremely well asked […]. I don’t know what people mean when they hear ‘danger to democracy’. What I know is that, for example, I saw that Madame Le Pen demonstrated against anti-Semitism.” The politician then highlighted the inconsistencies that there may be among members of the RN.

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Members of the RN who refused to pay tribute to Simone Veil?

“Among those close to Madame Le Pen, there are people […] who left the hemicycle of the regional council when we [a rendu] tribute to Simone Veil“, she said. “Everyone knows it, everyone has seen it”, said Valérie Pécresse, who would like us to “prove” that these potentially anti-Semitic party members would no longer be close to Marion Maréchal’s aunt, as has been said. “When we did our regional campaign, we updated Twitter accounts of all the candidates who were opposed to us and I can tell you that there was a whole series of words, comments made that were not very democratic.” she assured, critically.

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