Video: Warning of body positivity trend "Silhouette Challenge

Warning of alleged body positivity trend
The "Silhouette Challenge" is more dangerous than many think

Disseminate body positivity while having fun? Sounds good! But be careful, because the "Silhouette Challenge" involves dangers.


A new TikTok trend is supposed to spread body positivity – but users make themselves much more vulnerable than they are aware of.

TikTok trends are now a dime a dozen. They are diverse, fun and usually a lot of fun for everyone involved. But a new trend could ensure that the Tik-Tokers quickly become targets.

"Silhouette Challenge": The hidden danger behind the trend

The point behind the Silhouette Challenge? You show your body confidently, anonymized by a red filter. But the supposed protection can easily be switched off, as an RTL report shows. What you see then will shock many TikTok users.

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