Video warning: This is how quickly a cuddle blanket can turn into a baby death trap

Baby comforter
Camera shows how quickly the baby bed can become a death trap

Babies are particularly at risk of accidents in their bed in the first few months of their lives.


A small cuddly towel becomes a life-threatening threat to a sleeping baby. Recordings from a surveillance camera show how quickly an accident can happen.

Most parents have now internalized that babies and newborns must take special precautions when sleeping. There is too great a risk of rolling over on your child while sleeping or of laying the baby under a thick blanket that quickly takes the air away from him. But a little cuddly towel actually looks quite harmless. Unfortunately, these hard-to-take pictures show how quickly a small cloth in a baby bed can become a death trap for a child.

Blocked airways – and no parent who can help

What many parents do not realize is that cuddly toys and cuddly towels are also objects that some babies instinctively on their faces – and suddenly cannot breathe. They start doing this when they are only a few weeks old. Therefore, experts strongly advise that you do not put anything in your child's cot for at least the first six months of life. In the video you can get an idea of ​​how dangerous even harmless cuddly toys are.

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