VIDEO – “We talk”: Anne Roumanoff reveals that she is the neighbor of a former minister!

A comedian much appreciated by the French, Anne Roumanoff could however have had a completely different trajectory given her studies. Guest of Mouloud Achour in the show Click this Tuesday, November 28, the mother of Alice and Marie spoke about her youth and in particular her period as a former student of Science Po during the promotion of 1986. A special promotion since it counted among its members numerous personalities who have invested in the French audiovisual and political landscape, among whom we can notably find the author Frédéric Beigbeder, the journalist David Pujadas or even the politician Arnaud Montebourg. [Parler de promotion] It’s a bit artificial in the sense that, the promotion was promotions of 600 people still wanted to nuance the one who would like to evolve further in the cinema.

Nevertheless, she acknowledged to the presenter of Click having kept in touch with many of his former comrades including an individual, with whom she even speaks regularly: “SO, [Jean-François] Copé, we live on the same street, we talk to each otherbut all… well, no, Pujadas, no, but the others, yes” she confided. In addition to having attended the same schools when they were younger, the former Minister of the Budget and the comedian still live today, in the same Parisian district and cross paths regularly. Proof that chance sometimes does things well and that the passage of time does not necessarily alter friendships.

© Cyril Bruneau / Ramatuelle Festival / BestimageAnne Roumanoff, on stage at the Ramatuelle Festival for her show “Everything goes almost well!”, August 10, 2023.

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Anne Roumanoff: these revelations from her friend Élie Semoun

Still during this show, the comedian, who we often see dressed in red, also spoke about his romantic adventures, helped by a recorded message from his comrade Élie Semoun, who revealed that he had some secrets on this subject. Far from being impressed by this revelation from her friend, Anne Roumanoff assured that she also had a few strings to her bow on the same theme concerning her colleague: Elijah makes fun of me because he follows my adventures, but I follow his too. I have files on him tooshe confided, amused. A tease which clearly highlights the full extent of the friendship that these two comedians share.

Photo credits: Screen capture / Canal+

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