VIDEO Who wants to be my partner: the project of a candidate for cemeteries shocks Internet users

Wednesday January 12, in Who wants to be my partner, it is a rather particular project that a candidate has come to present: a service which makes it possible to create “tributes in augmented reality” to put on the tombstones. Project that shocked Internet users.

Business is business… even the business of death. Wednesday January 12, in Who wants to be my partner?, presented by Xavier Domergue, a candidate came to offer investors a somewhat special project. “What happened was that in March 2020, I lost my grandfather. And during his funeral, I realized that something was missing, it is his life, what he really was. And I thought I could do something about it “, explained Lilian Delaveau, creator of Requiem Code, “first service which allows to create tributes in augmented reality for the deceased”. It is an application that allows you to scan a QR Code to place on a tombstone and to access videos and photos, even testimonials pre-recorded by the deceased.

Lilian Delaveau’s project did not really convince the investors of the show. “Whether you change the way we see cemeteries a little, why not. But will your invention help people to mourn or not? Today, we tend to stage our lives. , do we have to stage his death? “, commented Delphine André. Jean-Pierre Nadir told him: “I think that in your concept, you erase an essential dimension which is meditation. When you face a grave, you are not facing a grave, you are facing memories.” Marc Simoncini said he agreed with his colleagues and Eric Larchevêque explained: “To me, a cemetery is one of the last places where we are safe from the smartphone. “

“No, but it’s too creepy the idea of ​​making a video of you to be broadcast after your death on your grave”

Internet users were shocked by the Requiem Code project. “Oh, the uneasiness this QR Code affair on a grave…”, “No, but it’s too creepy the idea of ​​making a video of you to be broadcast after your death on your grave”, “The phone even up to at the cemetery… I understand the idea but I’m not really a fan. “,”It’s as gloomy as you want“,” Clever but totally creepy… “,” Is that his post-mortem video project a joke? He looked too much at Black Mirror him “,” I find it super creepy his QR Code of death there “,” It’s … special anyway a little “, we could read on Twitter. Lilian Delaveau hoped to sell 10% of his business for 40,000 euros. And he finally succeeded in convincing Anthony Bourbon who invested the sum for 25% of the company. For both of them, it’s now life, death.

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