Video: Woman films herself while sleepwalking and is shocked

Funny video
TikTokerin films itself at night and makes people laugh online

What Celina Mayr experiences at night, she shows her fans on TikTok


A young woman is sleepwalking and has some adventures. Now her partner has set up a camera to film her. The next day, the sleepwalker can hardly believe her eyes.

"It's like my hidden, strange talent!", Celina Mayr tells her followers on TikTok. If she eat cheese or chocolate before going to bed, it would make her wander around at night and experience some crazy things in a dream.

Dreamlike events

Celina and her partner have now recorded their nocturnal adventures with a night camera and posted them on social media. The response? Huge! 38 million people watched your video and had to laugh heartily – including yourself.

Source used:In-house production, TikTok, Instagram