Videos of the storms – 2500 lightning bolts, heavy rain, storms and heavy hail!

Heavy storms with heavy rain and storms flooded large parts of Styria on Thursday! Within a very short time, up to 30 liters of precipitation per square meter fell, it was hailing heavily, trees were knocked down, 2500 lightning bolts were recorded. 500 Florianis were on their way to repair the worst damage.

The storm started shortly before 2 p.m. in the Murau area, where it then moved on to Graz, to the south and west of our state. Partly with a trail of devastation.

Around St. Peter am Ottersbach – here the power went out for a short time – it rained for almost a quarter of an hour, streets were flooded in other parts of Styria, fields are flooded, crops were destroyed.

“Up to 8 p.m., around 2,500 lightning strikes were recorded, which means that Styria had the most in all of Austria,” says Michele Salmi from the Ubimet weather service. And the rain was just pounding down.

A “hotspot” was St. Radegund, “here it rained 30 liters per square meter within two hours”. The area around Eibiswald also received this amount of precipitation, in Graz it was still 20 liters.

The storm did the rest, it swept at up to 73 km / h over the state, where branches broke, trees were even uprooted.

The fire brigade had their hands full. Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. alone, 50 weirs with up to 500 Florianis were in action to clear streets and pump out flooded cellars. Only later in the evening did the storms leave.