Viennese network: the stylish living trend


It was long gone, now it has been back for some time: Viennese mesh conquers our apartments! With its simple and yet striking design, it immediately creates a cozy elegance – including coffee house flair.

The basket weave became known through Viennese coffee houses in the 19th century, where it was used for chairs. It is obtained from the trunk of rattan palms and has many advantages: it is stable, flexible at the same time and overall much more comfortable than classic wood.

Stylish and changeable

With its light and bright look, the Viennese network creates a warm atmosphere in every room. It can be combined with a wide variety of furnishing styles, Not only does it go well with other rattan furniture, it also goes hand in hand with Nordic chic, boho style, natural living and gives glamorous styles a natural charm.

No matter whether with white or black frame, the honeycomb always shows its stylish side. Although it was originally used for chairs, it also looks chic on other furniture, as these beautiful pieces prove:

DIY Viennese braid

If you want to bring the chic material into the apartment, we have found great DIY ideas for you!

This chic jewelry stand for example, with which an earring is never lost again!

An eye-catcher for the wall is a homemade one lamp with Viennese braid:

Magazines with a decorative look are well organized and always at hand magazine holder (and also attached to the wall to save space!)

And with yours at the latest DIY pm everyone knows that the time has come for the Viennese network.

If you got a taste for it: you can buy Viennese braid by the meter and process it yourself.

As you can see, Viennese braid is extremely changeable and can also be adjusted according to your own wishes. It fits elegantly into different living styles, such as the Lagom or Cozy Living trend. It becomes even more comfortable with exotic houseplants!

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