Viennese woman after separation – “Live through living horror and aggressive stalking”

A 42-year-old Penzingerin separated from her husband after twelve years of marriage, which is a despairing martyrdom: “My ex wants to disgust me out of the house in which I have a lifelong right to live.”

The visit of the “Krone” to 42-year-old Cordula B. in her house on Wolfersberg was not for the faint-hearted. Or rather, in her dwelling. The background: The Viennese’s father-in-law, who died in 2013, set up his beloved daughter-in-law’s lifelong right of residence in the house in the 14th district by notary contract, which Cordula’s husband inherited. The couple lived there together before the certified nail designer filed for divorce on March 23 after twelve years of marriage. Where the trip to hell began. “It’s the most aggressive stalking!” Cordula moved into a small part of the house in the basement. Since then, she says, “My ex has tried everything to piss me off. It’s the most aggressive stalking!” She states that he installed video cameras to monitor her: “I had to cover everything with foil, but he always finds a way with his cameras,” she reports. In her rooms, the desperate woman only has a small sink with cold water. Her future ex does not think about investing in Cordula’s part. In turn, he doesn’t allow her to do it, she says. Which is why the black mold that developed after water damage and is extremely harmful to health continues to spread. The mother, who is unemployed after injuring her finger, has too little money to move out. She also wants to prevent him from reaching his goal.
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