Viktor Giacobbo taunts Marco Rima because of the Corona law

Switzerland will vote on the Covid Act on November 28th. The initiators of the referendum against the law include well-known figures such as comedian Marco Rima (60) and SVP National Councilor Yvette Estermann (54). Marco Rima can even be quoted on the website of the No Committee: “Those who stand up for what is good every day, look after their health and treat their neighbors with decency and compassion, protect themselves and others better than any tightening of Covid.”

However, one person does not agree with this statement at all: Viktor Giacobbo (69). The cabaret artist welcomes the obligation to have a certificate, as he already revealed at the “NZZ am Bellevue” opening in September. “Anyone who does not get vaccinated is ignorant and does not make the necessary contribution to overcoming this damn pandemic,” Giacobbo told Blick at the time.

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