Vildan Cirpan: GZSZ star appalled by the discriminatory behavior of the police

Vildan Cirpan
“Disadvantaged and discriminated”: GZSZ star tells of experience with the police

Vildan Cirpan

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Current GZSZ news in the GALA ticker: Vildan Cirpan is annoyed by the discriminatory behavior of the police.

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November 23, 2021

Vildan Cirpan is annoyed by the discriminatory behavior of the police

Vildan Cirpan, 30, usually delights her fans on Instagram with all sorts of sexy photos. But now, for once, the actress uses her account to vent her anger. Vildan is pissed off and horrified by the way a policewoman behaved towards the other driver in a traffic accident in which she was involved. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the accident.

As Vildan tells RTL in her Instagram story, the person who caused the accident spoke “very broken to almost no German”. The policewoman is said to have been “really annoyed” because of this. “He just wanted to explain what was going on, but couldn’t because he simply didn’t have the words. Only after I made it clear that he just couldn’t speak German and she noticed our attitude towards it did she adjust her tone,” says Vildan the events from their point of view.

The fact that the person who caused the accident then had to do an alcohol test also went too far for the 30-year-old. The whole situation was “bad enough anyway” for him. Vildan is shocked by what he has experienced and expresses this feeling: “I don’t understand it and it makes me deeply sad to see that people are so disadvantaged and discriminated against because of their language. I vomit with so much injustice in this country ! “

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