Vintage hairstyles: the best hairstyles to style

One thing is certain: the 20th century certainly didn't let boredom arise! Every decade had its own style and produced hairstyles that deserved a comeback, at least on special occasions …

Water waves

The water wave shaped the 20s hairstyles. Whether a single water wave is placed diagonally over the forehead or a bob haircut with many small water waves – the hairstyle presses Elegance and sophisticated chic at the same time!

Water waves with curling iron

  1. Pulls a deep side parting in dry hair.
  2. Put some heat protection spray on your hair.
  3. Take a curling iron with a thin attachment.
  4. Place the curling iron quite close to the side parting, but be careful not to burn yourself!
  5. Rolls up the strand of hair gently horizontally and waits for a few seconds.
  6. Then repeat the same technique a little further down, but this time put the curling iron on from below so that the shaft is turned in the other direction. With the next wave you start again from above.
  7. Continue until your entire hair is decorated with water waves.
  8. With a comb and hair clips, the hairstyle can be brought into shape afterwards.
  9. Long hair is best twisted into a bun or chignon at the nape of the neck.
  10. A little hairspray (alternative gloss varnish) gives the hairstyle a hold at the end.

Water waves with stem comb

  1. Alternatively, you can shape the water waves from towel-dried hair by kneading in foam stabilizer first.
  2. Then use a stem comb to comb a broad strand of hair from the side parting, first towards the face and then again towards the top of the head. Stuck the water wave and continues with further waves.
  3. After the hair is air-dried, the hair clips are pulled out and the hairstyle is fixed with hairspray.

Matching hair accessories for hairstyle:

Victory Rolls

The Victory Rolls are among the classic vintage hairstyles: The voluminous curls became popular during the 1940s and shaped in the 50s the rockabilly. The style is also often associated with the typical pin-up images. The name Victory Rolls comes from a World War II flying figure in which a role was flown in the air.

The big curls can adorn a hairstyle in many different ways: often frame your face on both sides a victory roll or one sits on the upper forehead.

Style Victory Rolls

Note: In order for the curls to succeed, the hair should first Not are treated with conditioner: this makes them too soft and the curls cannot be styled well.

  1. Take a broad strand and tease the hairline. Then smooth the streak again.
  2. Then curl the strand into a large curl and pin it. So you continue with another strand until two large curls have arisen. The hair clips should not be seen if possible.
  3. If you want, you can twist the remaining open hair into curls with a curling iron.
  4. At the end fixes the hairstyle with hairspray. Now the party can go rockabilly !!

Matching accessories for hairstyle:

  • Bandana scarves
  • Hair towels
  • Flowers
  • grind


The Beehive hairstyle is said to be reminiscent of a beehive and was in the 1960s popular. But even nowadays it is still sometimes taken up: with Amy Winehouse, for example, the hairstyle made a comeback.

How the Beehive succeeds:

Pony great

If that's not vintage: With the pony freak you catapult yourself straight back to the 50s!

  1. Take a stem comb and pull the hair forward in the shape of a triangle at the top of the head.
  2. Fasten the rest of the hair back.
  3. Topped the bangs with a comb and fixed the hair with hairspray.
  4. Then you take a hair pad to help and wrap the hair from the tips of your hair. Note that you have to roll down. Spreads the hair across the entire width of the hair pad.
  5. Bends the hair pad back on the sides and spreads the hair over it so that the pad is not visible. Fasten the hair and the pad with hair clips.
  6. Toup the rest of the hair on the base, so that the transition from the bangs to the open hair is more fluid.

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