Violent storms in the adopted home of Dubai: Floods scare German influencers

Severe storms in the adopted home of Dubai
Floods scare German influencers

Sarah Harrison and Fiona Erdmann report on the floods.

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Dubai is under water. Heavy rains cause chaos. Many German influencers are also affected.

Dark clouds in otherwise sunny Dubai. Persistent rainfall has caused widespread flooding in the United Arab Emirates. These are the heaviest rains in decades. Many German influencers who live in Dubai are also struggling with the water masses. “I think we have a really big problem. We’ve never experienced anything like that in Dubai,” complained Sarah Harrison (32) on Tuesday in her Instagram story.

The former “Bachelor” candidate, who emigrated with her family three years ago, shows her completely flooded garden. The rain was already making its way into her garage and gym. “Something like this makes me really sad and very scary,” Harrison writes about the videos showing flooded streets and malls in Dubai.

Fiona Erdmann has to spend the night in the Amazon office

Fiona Erdmann (35) was unable to go home after an appointment because of the flooded streets. “I was stranded. I sat in the car for about two and a half hours and tried to make further progress, but I just couldn’t get any further. It started to rain even worse, the streets were full of water,” reports the former “Germany’s Next Top Model” – Candidate on Instagram. That’s why she decides to find shelter in a building in the industrial area. Erdmann actually has to spend the night in the Amazon office.

Dennis and Ina Aogo are also affected by the floodwaters

“I’ve never seen that in my life, it’s so bad. […] “I’m really scared,” says Ina Aogo (35) on Instagram. She also films how there is a heavy storm outside her window. In the house she shares with her husband, the ex-soccer star Dennis Aogo (37), it is rained into the children’s rooms. “It’s really just scary,” she explains.

The same goes for Georgina Fleur (34), Fata Hasanovic (29) and Simon Desue (32), who live in Dubai. They also show pictures of the floods. Ex-figure skating star Tanja Szewczenko (46), who emigrated with her family last summer, had rain coming through the ceiling. “Everything is wet, the door is barricaded. There are towels everywhere. […] “Doom and gloom,” says the 46-year-old, summing up the situation.

The situation in Dubai has now calmed down somewhat. Schools and other public facilities are still closed, but no further rain is forecast for the coming days.


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