Viral beauty trend: Remove eyeliner and still have full eyelashes

Viral beauty trend
Remove eyeliner and still have full eyelashes

The no-makeup eyeliner beauty trend ensures full lashes à la Selena Gomez.

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Apply kajal first and then wash it off? What is that supposed to help? A TikTok trend shows how make-up removal ensures fuller eyelashes.

At events and on social media, celebrities like singer Selena Gomez (30) inspire with full eyelashes. Behind this is often the know-how of make-up artists and stylists. But thanks to social media, more and more beauty tricks are being shown online that are really easy to implement and ultimately create a real wow effect. Such as the “no make-up eyeliner”.

Full eyelashes by removing make-up?

A situation that should be familiar to many in the bathroom: the eyeliner was accidentally applied too thickly, you roughly remove everything and suddenly realize that the eyelashes look much fuller due to the last bit of kajal. A new make-up trend that is going viral among beauty enthusiasts on social media TikTok and Instagram uses exactly this effect.

Eyeliner without the hassle

One of the first to share this new eyeliner hack in a TikTok video is beauty influencer Steph Hui. Your video about the “no make-up eyeliner” has almost three million views on TikTok and has since found numerous imitators who have also tried the make-up technique of the early 20s. What probably excites most about the beauty trick is that it really can be implemented with little effort and in the end ensures an all-round successful eye make-up look.

How does the “no makeup eyeliner” work?

In principle, the eyeliner hack works exactly as described above. In her TikTok video, the influencer shows how she applies kajal messily and thickly around her eyes. She then proceeds to cleaning her face with water and removing the eyeliner with make-up remover. You end up leaving very little of the product at the top and bottom of the lash line, which Steph says creates a “natural eyeliner effect.”

To take full advantage of the effect and to fully show off her eyes, she continues to make up her face with a light foundation. This ensures an even complexion. Finally, she completes the look with some black mascara. The conclusion: The “no-make-up eyeliner” emphasizes natural beauty and lets the make-up itself recede into the background.


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