Viral trend: sea salt water against blemished skin

Viral trend promises
Sea salt water for blemished skin – but is that true?

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August 12, 2021

Sea salt water for blemished skin: does it really help?

This viral trend seems too good to be true. Because, according to a TikTok user, her acne has disappeared since she sprayed a homemade mixture of sea salt and warm water on her face every evening. With this claim, the TikToker seems to have hit a nerve, because the video spread like wildfire. More and more people are following her. After around five million people have already clicked the video, more and more dermatologists are now speaking out with a clear opinion on the trend: Stay away from DIY sea salt water!

If the mixture of sea salt and water stands for longer than a day, bacteria and algae form, which can have the opposite effect on our skin: instead of curing the acne, it ultimately worsens it. So if you suffer from acne, you should trust your own dermatologist and get treated accordingly.

Even so, it cannot be denied that sea salt has a positive effect on our skin – it just has to be formulated accordingly. We therefore recommend that you use skincare products that have been clinically tested. There is already a wide range of different products such as creams and serums.

August 11, 2021

Frenchnails: faster and easier than ever before

With this trend, we just stared at our screen in disbelief: Because the viral video promises perfect Frenchnails in seconds. A perfect finish can only be achieved with a sponge and some nail polish. And this is how it works: First bring the nails into the desired shape, then coat the silicone sponge with the nail polish color of your choice. Then you carefully press your nail into the silicone sponge until you have achieved the desired Frenchnail look. When you are satisfied, slowly pull the nail out of the sponge again. Repeat this process with all of your fingers and voilà – the perfect Frenchnail manicure is ready.

If you don’t have a silicone sponge at home, you can simply use this simple DIY trick: Simply take a normal make-up sponge, cover it with cling film and tighten it. It is important that the sponge has a straight surface, otherwise it will not work. Then just follow the steps above and you will get an at least as perfect result.

August 10, 2021

The dopamine booster trend ensures a good mood

Spilled coffee, slept badly or woke up with a big pimple on my chin – and our mood is gone. But there is one trend that will make a bad mood fly away in no time: Dopamine dressing works according to the motto “Don’t Worry, Dress Happy”. Because studies show: How we dress mostly depends on our mood. But it also works the other way around. Therefore, when the mood is down, go for bright, bright colors. Pink, for example, strengthens positive feelings and stands for joie de vivre and fascination.

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But the dress from last summer vacation, with which we associate many positive memories, lifts the mood in the here and now. It works in a similar way with the band shirt from the last concert: Put it on, indulge in old memories and the good mood comes naturally. Oh, this makes fashion even more fun!

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