Virgin River Season 4: 13 exciting spoilers for the new episodes of the Netflix series


The third season of the Netflix series “Virgin River” ended with an exciting cliffhanger. Before the start of Season 4, we’ll tell you 13 exciting spoilers and theories about the new episodes.

Virgin River: This is what happens in Season 4 (Source: Netflix)

  • It won’t be long before Season 4 of the Netflix drama series Virgin River arrives.
  • Season 3 left some unanswered questions. The most important is probably the one after the father of Mel’s baby.
  • We have put together 13 exciting spoilers for the new season of “Virgin River” for you.

After some bombs dropped in the finale of season 3 of the Netflix series “Virgin River”, fans are eagerly awaiting season 4. The new episodes will start on July 20, 2022 on the streaming service.

Season 3 of the drama series ends with a nasty cliffhanger: Just as Jack was about to propose to Mel, she confessed to him that she is pregnant, but doesn’t know if he is the father. Since the series is based on Robyn Carr’s series of novels, we can already guess how things will continue for Mel, Jack and Co. in the new episodes. Here you can find out!

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