Visiativ announces its new long-term ambitions through its strategic plan for the period 2024-2028

Photo credit © Visiativ

( — Visiativ today announces its new long-term ambitions, through its strategic plan for the period 2024-2028. Called SHIFT5, this new plan aims to capitalize on the successes of the previous AUDEO, NEXT100 and CATALYST strategic plans which have enabled Visiativ to become over time the strategic partner of SME and mid-cap managers to accelerate innovation and transformation of their businesses.

Today, under the effect of profound changes (increased competitiveness and need for innovation, acceleration of the digital revolution, climate and environmental emergency, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence), the need for business transformation has undoubtedly never been so important and imperative.

Evolving in a buoyant market context, Visiativ aims, through SHIFT5, to further increase its position as a privileged and trusted partner of companies by supporting them on all of their critical issues linked to their transformation, both technological but also business.

SHIFT5 thus aims to make Visiativ “All-in-one Software & Consulting partner” of companies and thus enable commercial synergies to be multiplied between all of the Group’s activities.

Laurent Fiard, Chairman and CEO of Visiativ, declared: “In just a few years, Visiativ has become a major player in business transformation and has established itself as the strategic partner of mid-sized and SME managers to support the innovation at the heart of their business and their industrial processes. Visiativ has been able to broaden its unique value proposition and strengthen its customer capital, with 23,000 companies. Through our SHIFT5 strategic plan, we aim to extend this influence by accentuating our proximity with our customers but also by strengthening ourselves on our international playing fields.
Like our previous strategic plans AUDEO and NEXT100, SHIFT5 is an offensive growth plan, which aims, once again, to double the size of Visiativ to bring our turnover to 500 ME by 2028 with an acceleration internationally, but also a plan to transform our subscription model to reach 100 MEUR in annual recurring revenue – SaaS subscription ARR – by this horizon. Our commitment to CSR remains central to the SHIFT5 plan. We aim to reduce our carbon emissions, maintain diversity in our workforce, increase the number of people with disabilities and support local sponsorship. Our objective is clear: to be among the leaders in CSR.”


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