Visit Rockay City: 505 Games teases a game with Michael Madsen, see you at The Game Awards 2022

The ceremony of Game Awards rewards the games that have marked the year, but it is above all an opportunity to discover a lot of trailers and new titles. So of course, publishers have fun teaser their announcements a few days before the ceremony.

Tonight is 505 Games who shares a little live video with Michael Madsen, known for his roles in the films of Quentin Tarantino in particular. The actor gives here the wallet of Geoff Keighley, presenter of TGA, after finding it, and at the end of the video, we can see a not very discreet QR code. Scanning it, we come to the site Visit Rockay Citywhich gives us an appointment at Game Awards 2022. The image shows a beach with palm trees, large hotels on which a countdown is projected, as well as a sailboat with the logo of theEpic Games Store.

Rockay City should therefore be the scene of a new video game published by 505 Games, at least expected on theEGSbut the site is for the moment sparing in clues and it will be necessary to wait until the ceremony of Game Awards 2022 to find out what it is. As a reminder, the studio publishes a bunch of licenses like Control 2 (Remedy also has a partnership with Epic Games for a future AAA) or Ghostrunnerbut at Rockay Citythe atmosphere seems a bit more down to earth.

You can find Ghostrunner: Complete Edition at €35.99 on Gamesplanet.

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