Visiting a restaurant despite the corona virus: how safe is it really? – Video

Finally going out to eat again: For many of us, the news that restaurants are allowed to reopen under certain conditions was like a ray of light in the dreary isolation of the coronavirus crisis. A visit to a restaurant – that meant a piece of normalcy and the nice feeling of being outside and with people again.

And that is where the first questions naturally arise: How safe is a restaurant visit at all, even with the requirements imposed on the operator? Distance to other guests is one thing – but what about the service staff who naturally come a lot closer to you? Can the virus spread through cutlery and glasses? And isn't it distributed in the room air despite the distance?

In this video from, all of these questions are examined in detail in an experiment – and lead to clear recommendations, which we should pay attention to when visiting the restaurant if we want to be on the safe side.