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Vitaa appears in ultra-cool outfit for a fun video with her son: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Slimane's acolyte who had to postpone his VersuS Tour for health security measures due to the spread of the coronavirus, is like everyone else, confined to his home. But the 37-year-old woman remains active on social networks and keeps in touch with his community, especially on Instagram. For the past few days, Vitaa shares her daily life, her outfits, her activities. Last week, the beautiful brunette appeared cooking with the family: the opportunity to discover her in a ultra-relaxed style in jogging and comfortable T-shirt to prepare good meals. Containment yes, but the bella does not forget the style nor the beauty since it could also be noted perfect hairstyle and ultra-easy to do at home. What inspire its followers, delighted to find the pretty brunette in real life in some ways!

Vitaa in cool and relaxed fashion

The one who won the trophy for the best original song on February 14 at the Victoires de la Musique literally amazed us in two ultra-cannon outfits: one crop-top and ultra-tight pants set to start with and then a pink satin man suit on the scene. But outside of the spotlight, the starlet also likes to slip into more urban silhouettes like this time in high-waisted pants and flashy yellow sweater, or even 100% laid back streetwear. It’s by the way in a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses screwed on the nose that we find the native of Mulhouse in an ultra-fun video dancing with his son: a new occupation for the cool mum, which has already won more than 100,000 likes. Just behind, Vitaa posted a photo of her little one to lend itself to the game of baby challenge on the Web … We can't wait to discover his new publications in the days to come!

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