Vitaa inseparable from Noa, her “all-terrain baby”: breastfeeding, return to the stage… she shows her double life

She’s on all fronts ! Barely recovered from childbirth, Vitaa returned to the stage on the occasion of an invitation from her friend, the artist Camelia Jordana. To reconcile her work and the time spent with her baby, the 39-year-old singer went so far as to be accompanied by her little angel during her transition to hairdressing and makeup…

It was on Instagram that Vitaa appeared with her little Noa in the middle of a preparation session on the sidelines of a concert. Indeed, the singer was invited to go on stage for the concert of Camelia Jordana at the Olympia, with Amel Bent, she also recently became a mother for the third time. Anxious not to be separated from her baby, and in particular to be able to ensure breastfeeding, the singer had placed the latter in a cushion placed near her, on the table just under her eyes. Vitaa thus spent the time of the hairstyle caressing the head of her newborn. “BB [bébé] All Terrain“added the singer ofBefore you with three car emojis (see slideshow).

And little Noa hasn’t finished being on the move since her mother will be going back to a concert next June for the rest of her tour, the Versus towerwith his friend Slimane (who also recently became the father of a little Esmeralda. The tour had been put on hold to allow the two artists to become more involved in their family life. The singer-friends will definitely end their collaboration during a series of concerts which promises to be grandiose, with a date at La Défense Arena in Paris.

Vitaa can also count on the support of her husband Hicham Bendaoudseen recently with Dadju at the preview of Ima, to replace her in her role as a mother. Hicham and Vitaa have been in a relationship for twelve years now and know how to complement each other in their role as parents, they who, before Noa, had already experienced the joys of motherhood twice. They are now a beautiful family of five with Liham, 10, Adam, 7.

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