Vitaa too hot: nude makeup and XXL eyelashes to announce great news: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Vitaa is in containment, just like the rest of France. That doesn't stop him from posting photos on Instagram to entertain his community of 635,000 subscribers. So, she published a photo of her in a jogging and bra top with a relaxed low bun, but also a short video that she made with her son. She also participated in the challenge which consists of posting a photo when we were children: we discover Vitaa little girl with a pretty little bangs, adorable!
But that's not all, Vitaa also posted a video to send a message to his fans. Inside, she appears more beautiful than ever: no question of letting go during confinement. Vitaa is made up and styled. She opts for a nude makeup that highlights her. Little more: her eyelashes are longer and glamorous than ever, which makes her look doe look. How to get the same result? There are several tips, it's up to you to choose the one that best suits you. The first is to use an eyelash curler before putting on your mascara. But this tool can sometimes be scary. Another solution: use two different mascaras. The first with a thick brush for bring volume and shape eyelashes, and the second with a plastic picot brush for delimit and lengthen them. If your eyelashes are particularly short and not very curled and it makes you complex, you can turn to natural effect eyelash extensions or to eyelash coloring and enhancement.

Vitaa more beautiful than ever with a nude make-up: she announces great news

If it is sublime on the video, this is not the only information to remember. Indeed, Vitaa makes a exceptional announcement. She explains that with her partner, singer Slimane, they had an idea to make the clip for their song “Not beautiful”. "Because we are all at home, it is to make for the very first time a clip at home (…) It will be you the actors of the clip". How do you participate ? Fans have two days to shoot an original video of them and send it to an email address listed in the Instagram post. The duo will choose the videos that will appear in their clip! Are you going to participate?

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