Viva Magenta: According to Pantone, this is the trend color for 2023

Trend color 2023
We start the new year with Viva Magenta

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The Pantone Color Institute has announced Viva Magenta as the color of the year 2023. What great clothes but also home accessories are there? We’ll tell you.

With the color of the year 2023, the Pantone Color Institute has once again put a bright color on the pedestal: Viva Magenta. That doesn’t come as a surprise – the bright pink tone has long since become an integral part of the red carpet or interior design magazines.

The color of the year: Pantone chooses Viva Magenta as the shining guide

So if we buy a piece of clothing or a home accessory in Viva Magenta in 2023, we will always be on the safe (trend) side in the coming months. In addition to celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Zendaya or the fashion label Valentino in general, we too can dare to integrate the color of the year into our everyday lives. If you want to take it easy, first grab pink accessories like one Cap or one Scarf. Also a pink one purse becomes a top highlight in Viva Magenta.

If you prefer to show your colors in a big way, you can also wear great pants and blazers (preferably worn together) or oversize jackets. For example, we love the combination of cos consisting of a Corduroy trousers with flared legs and one slim-fitting, double-breasted corduroy blazer in magenta. With the mixture of bright colors, the somewhat rougher corduroy and the stylish cut, you are perfectly equipped for 2023. It may require a little courage from one or the other wearer – but it’s worth it.

Viva Magenta is also wonderful in your own four walls

You prefer to wear more muted colors, but think your apartment could use a touch of color? That works too. For example in the form of a pillows or a whole Armchair- and table combination. In fact, there are many other cool pieces in the new color of the year, such as a Notebook with pen and ruler directly from Pantone itself or pink temples.

What is the most beautiful thing about the new trend color for 2023? It is extremely compatible with the trend color 2022. The Very Peri shade is ideal for combining with Viva Magenta. So you don’t have to do without treasures you’ve come to love from last year.

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