Vivo is about to launch the first smartphone with 200W fast charging

Vivo would have in its boxes a smartphone that would be compatible with a wired charge of 200 W, the Vivo Iqoo 10 Pro.

The USB-C socket of the Vivo Iqoo 8 Pro // Source: Frandroid

While we were surprised two years ago to discover the first smartphones compatible with 65 W fast charging, manufacturers are stepping up and now offer charging powers exceeding 100 W. It seems that, for its part, , Vivo is working on a new smartphone that would take advantage of a power of 200 W.

According to information published on Weibo by the Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station, Vivo’s future Iqoo 10 Pro would indeed benefit from a 200 W charger known under the model number V200100L0B0-CN. In detail, this charger would be able to send a voltage of 20 volts and an intensity of 10 amps for a total of 200 watts. The smartphone would also be compatible with wireless charging up to a power of 65 watts (20 V, 3.25 A).

As a reminder, Vivo’s Iqoo range essentially concerns gaming and performance-oriented smartphones at a more affordable price, like what we find with the Pocos from Xiaomi. At the end of last year, we had the opportunity to take the Vivo Iqoo 8 Pro in hand. Remember, however, that this range is currently reserved for the Chinese market and that it is not distributed in France by Vivo.

Xiaomi in the starting blocks for a year

Moreover, if Vivo could be the first manufacturer to market a smartphone with a charging power of 200 W with the Iqoo 10 Pro, we already know that other manufacturers are also on the starting line. This is particularly the case with Xiaomi, which presented its 200 W fast charging system a year ago. However, a year after its presentation, this system has still not been integrated into a smartphone available on the market. . We can imagine that the manufacturer’s next premium smartphone, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, expected in the coming months, could benefit from it.

Finally, as Digital Chat Station indicates in the commentary to its publication, the power of 200 W could be one of the last giant leaps for wired charging on smartphones. Indeed, he recalls that the power limit of the USB-C connection is 240 W. Therefore, if we can still expect some improvements in the coming years, it is difficult to see how manufacturers could exceed the power of 240W in the future.

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