Vivo teases the integration of its super fingerprint reader into an upcoming smartphone in France

Could this be a way of announcing the imminent arrival of a high-end smartphone in France? The Chinese manufacturer Vivo has published a press release to praise the merits of its 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, already installed in some premium mobiles of the brand (iQOO and X Note). “We look forward to using this new technology on our next Vivo smartphones”said Jean-Philippe Ladoux, vice-president of Vivo France.

Vivo indicates that this sensor would be the largest fingerprint sensor on the market. Located under the screen and based on ultrasonic technology, this fingerprint sensor, with a surface of 20 x 30 mm², would have a reading area 11.1 times larger than that of traditional integrated optical fingerprint sensors. on the screen. In addition, the large area of ​​the reading area can almost instantly collect all of the biometric information required for the fingerprint unlocking process. Thus, a simple touch on the screen allows you to configure the unlocking. It is even possible to read two fingerprints at the same time. “This means that users can set up a two-fingerprint authentication process, for secure access to certain chosen applications, such as banking applications, social networks or the personal photo gallery”specifies the brand.

The large surface area of ​​the fingerprint sensor allows users to set quick access to chosen apps as shown in the illustration above. They will be able to unlock and access a specific application in no time, by tapping only once on a predefined area of ​​the sensor. Still according to the manufacturer, the size of this sensor and its various functionalities do not hinder the velocity of the smartphone. The firm indicates that the mobiles which are equipped with it would benefit from the speed of unlocking “the fastest in the mobile industry” with only 0.2 seconds.

We bet that this fingerprint sensor is likely to land in a future model of the X range.

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