Vladimir Menshov: The director dies of the consequences of Corona

Vladimir Menshov
The director dies of the consequences of Corona

Vladimir Menshov was 81 years old.

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Vladimir Menshov was one of the few Russians to win the Oscar for best non-English language film. Now he died at the age of 81.

Vladimir Menshov is dead. The Russian director and actor died in hospital on July 5, 2021 as a result of corona disease. This was announced by the Mosfilm cinema company in Moscow, including the Russian agency Tass reported. Previously, he had only suffered from mild symptoms.

Menshov was born on September 17, 1939 in the Azerbaijani capital Baku. In 1961 he began studying acting at the Chekhov Art Theater School. Later, Menschow increasingly saw directing as his real calling, he followed up with a degree in directing.

Breakthrough with the Oscar

In 1979 Vladimir Menshov became internationally known with his second feature film “Moscow Doesn’t Believe Your Tears”. The film about three young women who come to Moscow from the provinces won the Oscar for best non-English language film, even if the reviews in the West were mixed. Menshov was not allowed to receive the Oscar in person; the Soviet Union refused to allow him to leave the country. Vera Alentova (79), who married Menshov in 1962, was one of the leading actresses in “Moscow doesn’t believe the tears”. The couple had a daughter, Yuliya Menschowa, who is also an actress.

Second career thanks to blockbusters

Although Vladimir Menshov saw himself mainly as a director, he only directed eight films. As an actor, he was significantly more active with 97 entries in the online film database. In 2004, Menschow experienced late world fame as a performer. In the Russian hit movie “Guardian of the Night” he played one of the most important roles as Geser, the leader of “Guardian Night”. Menshov could also be seen in “Guardian of the Day” (2006), the continuation of the fantasy spectacle that is also popular in the West.