Vob Magna built – Fisker Ocean comes with a PV system and a flip screen

At the LA Auto Show, the electric car start-up Fisker presented the final series version of its all-electric SUV model Ocean. At the end of 2022, the Stromer is expected to come onto the market with a generous range and some innovations. The Ocean is assembled by Magna in Graz.

Compared to earlier prototypes, no significant changes can be seen optically. As before, the more than 4.60 meter long five-door model is characterized by door handles flush with the sheet metal skin, narrow light units and a side window that tapers sharply towards the rear. The Ocean will be available in three versions, Sport, Ultra and Extreme, which differ in terms of the number of engines Differentiate between performance and range. In the case of the basic version, which costs around 33,000 euros (US price without VAT), a 202 kW / 275 PS electric motor on the front axle provides propulsion. This version should enable the sprint to 96 km / h (60 mph) in 6.9 seconds, the range is specified with 402 kilometers. Thanks to a second motor on the rear axle, the power increases to 397 kW / 540 PS, which allowed a sprint time of 3.9 seconds estimated by the manufacturer. With 404 kW / 550 PS, the Extreme version is only slightly more powerful and reaches 96 km / h in 3.6 seconds. Ultra and Extreme offer ranges of 547 and 563+ kilometers, respectively, and prices are the equivalent of around 44,000 and 61,000 euros without taxes. A special feature of the top Extreme version is a roof covered with solar cells that generates traction power from sunlight. According to Fisker, the PV system is supposed to feed 200 to 270 kilometers of energy into the batteries per month. The interior offers a clearly designed cockpit with a digital instrument cluster, head-up display and a large-format 17.1-inch touchscreen that can be rotated . Depending on the use or display mode, portrait or landscape format is possible. The display stands sideways while the vehicle is in motion; when parked, it changes to the horizontal position known as Hollywood fashion. Only vegan and partly recycled materials were used to design the interior. The trunk of the Ocean is said to offer 566 to 1274 liters of storage space. All data published at the LA Auto Show relates to the US market. However, there should be no major differences to the European version, which has also been announced for the end of 2022. SPX
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