Vodafone hit with no connection price: Allnet flat rate with 20 GB data volume for 10 euros


Allnet flat rates in the D network at top prices, that’s what crash stands for. Price points in the Vodafone network have been “crashing” for a few weeks: the 20 GB flat rate is currently available for 10 euros, with no connection price.

crash portfolio 05/03/2023

Crash recently said goodbye to the complicated tariff portfolio with a bonus for phone number import and cashback, and now they are working with immediately understandable price points again.

Where the effective price of the mobile phone contract had to be laboriously calculated, taking into account the promised cashback and the bonus for porting your number, it now pays off quite easily.

And the quickly calculated result is again: best conditions for Allnet flat rates in the Vodafone network, especially for frequent surfers:

D2 Sim Freenet

This variant is our recommendation. At no extra charge to the smaller contract with only 10 GB of data volume, there is 20 GB here. You only have to do without the 25-euro bonus for the phone number import. Nevertheless, you get top performance at the lowest price.

In addition, with crash you currently get a flat rate of 30 GB for the price of 16.99 euros. However, we only advise you to do this under certain circumstances:

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Whether it’s Media Markt, Saturn, eBay or Otto, whether in a brochure or online: we’ll show you the best deals in our buying guides. You can find offers similar to this one here, for example, on the following pages:

Both tariff options have the following properties in common:

  • Reliable D2 network from Vodafone
  • 50 MBit/s maximum LTE speed (sufficient for almost all applications)
  • Flat rate for phone calls and SMS
  • VoLTE & WLAN Call & eSIM possible
  • Flexible contract start

And because there is no connection price, no bonus for phone number import and no cashback, the effective price of all options can also be calculated very easily: they are excellent 9.99 and 16.99 euros. With crash, it doesn’t get any more expensive after the minimum contract period has expired: the conditions apply permanently.

Only access to the new and fast 5G network is not possible with these tariffs, but not all smartphones are prepared for the new standard.

Better alternative in the 10GB range

crash also currently offers a 10 GB version, but at the same price as the 20 GB version, which we recommend instead. If you are looking for a flat rate in the 10 GB range, we recommend the Allmobil snapper.

Without any bonus, only 7.99 euros are charged for the flat rate instead of 9.99 euros for crash. However, there is a 50 euro bonus for taking your phone number with you to Allmobil – and if you enter your email address using the following link before ordering, you will also receive a 10 euro Best Choice voucher.

At At LogiTel to the action*


You can currently find comparable conditions at Dr.Sim – there are also contract variants that can be terminated on a monthly basis. Then, however, there is also a connection price.

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