Vodafone network crashed: Allnet flat rate with 30 GB data volume for 15 euros


Crash regularly revises the tariff portfolio and adjusts the conditions. The current price round is aimed at frequent surfers and offers a Vodafone flat rate with 30 GB for 15 euros.

Crash tariff portfolio June 2023 (Source: Vitradi)

In addition to the 30 GB expansion level for frequent surfers, crash also has a mobile phone tariff with 20 GB for ambitious average users and a variant with 10 GB in the program. We cannot recommend the latter at a price of 9.99 euros per month, there are currently significantly cheaper offers from 5.90 euros per month.

At crash to the new tariff portfolio*


Vodafone’s LTE network is available to customers, with a download speed limit of 50 Mbit/s, which is a speed that is sufficient for all application scenarios, including mobile series streaming.

SIM card Vodafone
  • 30 GB LTE internet flat rate (50 Mbit/s)

  • FLAT telephony & SMS

  • VoLTE & WiFi calling

  • eSIM possible

  • Flexible contract start possible

  • No connection price

Just under 15 euros for an all-network flat rate with 30 GB of data volume in the Vodafone network, that’s a very good offer. The Vodafone subsidiary otelo, responsible for LTE offers in the group, is currently charging twice the price at 29.99 euros for the same service.

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