“Voix de stars”: what is this new show hosted by Julia Vignali, soon to be broadcast on France 2? : Current Woman Le MAG

We can say that Julia Vignali has had a successful professional career since her arrival on France 2! The one who previously worked in music at Universal, before being co-host of Telematinhas been brilliantly running the auction program since August 2023 Deal done. Now, the talented presenter, aged 48, is preparing to reveal a still unexplored facet of her talent by presenting a new program… This new project is none other thana new musical show on France 2, called Voices of starsreveal our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. Enough to mark a radical turning point in the career of Kad Merad’s partner. This musical concept is innovative, since it has not yet had an equivalent in France. Voices of stars is part of the trend of “vocal lookalikes”, highlighting candidates capable of interpreting the great voices of French song and international. Two episodes of this show, produced by DMLS TV, have already been recorded.

12 participants for 10,000 euros at stake

The jury for this exceptional show will be made up of eminent personalities such as Véronic DiCaire, Jarry, Liane Foly and Michael Gregorio. These renowned artists will have the mission of judging the performances of the candidates, unknown people who have no connection with the music industry. Voices of stars will offer a stage to 12 anonymous participants. To be selected, the jury must give them at least three “yes”. In the second part of the competition, the public will even be able to participate by voting. As for viewers, they will be entitled to some clues on the screen to play from their sofa. The prize at stake: 10,000 euros for the winner! This promising new show should arrive on our screens at the end of July 2024. One thing is certain, Julia Vignali, at the head of this project, is gradually rising among the essential figures of the French small screen.

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