Volcano on La Palma is a tourist magnet

Over the long weekend with All Saints’ Day on Monday as a public holiday, around 10,000 mainly Spanish visitors came to the small island, as the newspaper “El País” reported, citing the Pevolca Emergency Committee. The authorities set up a free shuttle bus service to the Tajuya viewpoint, from which the volcano can be easily observed. Traffic with private cars in the direction of the volcano has been restricted.

Due to unfavorable winds, a large amount of volcanic ash was carried to the north of the island, where it covered the landscape with a gray-black layer. Photos of the Roque de los Muchachos observatory located there, whose white domes were covered with a black ash cover, could also be seen on the Internet. Of some houses closer to the volcano, only the tips of the chimneys protruded from the ashes that lay like black snow on the landscape.

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