Volkswagen could locate the abducted child… but too bad the mother had not paid for the option

Samir Rahmoun

February 28, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.


Volkswagen car driving © © Unsplash / Julian Hochgesang

© Unsplash / Julian Hochgesang

An incredible story combining kidnapping, geolocation and subscription request has just taken place in the United States.

Geolocation is always seen from the angle of tracking the individual. But once in a while, it can also be a life-saving feature. Well, only if you paid for the option, as this story reminds us (which is not to Volkswagen’s advantage).

150 dollars the child found

We are in the United States, in the State of Illinois. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook last week about the theft of a Volkswagen Atlas and the kidnapping of a child. According to the Chicago Sun Timesthe vehicle, in which the child was, had a Car-Net functionality allowing geolocation of the car.

The police contacted the automaker to ask where the vehicle (and most importantly, the little blond head!) was. But the Car-Net option had passed its trial period. To be able to restart it, customer service requested payment for the function, i.e. 150 dollars!

A happy ending, without Volkswagen

We are far from a joke. The police then had to obtain an emergency bank card to make the payment and call back the German manufacturer to obtain the important information that Car-Net could produce. But because of administrative and financial red tape, the vehicle and the child have been found in the meantime.

In other words, we can’t really thank Volkswagen for this happy outcome. The automotive giant, aware of the bad publicity produced by this rather surprising request, explains that it is currently in discussion with the various parties involved. From the company’s point of view, the usual processes were not followed by the person who took the call. We hope so for the firm, which is trying to convey a good image, for example by developing in areas such as recycling.

Source : Neowin

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