Volkswagen is working on the ID.2 R, an electric car more efficient than the ID.2

In addition to its ID.2, Volkswagen would consider launching an ID.2 R with better performance. Another derivative of the ID.2 could also emerge, oriented crossover.

Credit: Volkswagen

The Volkswagen ID.2 will be an urban and compact electric car. This is an original vehicle, not an electric version of a thermal model. The ID.2 is expected in the second half of 2025 for a price that will start below 25,000 euros. And while we are still far from the availability of the German car, and we finally know little to date about its exact characteristics, the manufacturer is already planning variations.

For now dubbed ID.2X by the British publication Autocar, this vehicle would have four-wheel drive and higher performance. In the mind of the manufacturer, such an electric car would take the place of the hypothetical electric Golf R, which has been expected for some time, but which may never see the light of day, not in this range in any case. Moreover, this variation of the ID.2 could use Volkswagen’s R nomenclature. A few months ago we heard about a Volkswagen ID.4 R, a Volkswagen ID.2 R could also see the light of day. The project would be on the right track, but Volkswagen would not have given the final green light to production.

An ID.2 R and a crossover

The ID.2 could also have a crossover version. Entry-level and compact cars of this type are popular in Europe, and Volkswagen wants to be present in this niche. This ID.2 crossover should rely heavily on the ID concept. LIFE presented in 2021. At the time, the brand announced a 231 horsepower electric motor, 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds, a 57 kWh battery and a range of 400 km in the WLTP cycle.

Recently, Volkswagen said it had started developing its own electric motors and batteries. By doing so, the manufacturer hopes to reduce its production costs and improve the performance and range of its vehicles. We do not know for the moment if the ID.2 and its variations will benefit from it.

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