Volkswagen takes advantage of the increase in the ecological bonus to increase the price of the ID.3

Volkswagen has obviously found a way to compensate for any losses related to the new rules of the ecological bonus. Indeed, the manufacturer has decided to significantly increase the price of all its electric cars.

Credits: Volkswagen

Faced with the shortage of semiconductors and the explosion in the price of raw materials, many manufacturers of electric cars have decided in recent months to significantly increase the prices of their models. This is for example the case of Renault, which in December 2022 increased the prices of the Renault Zoé and the Twingo by more than 1000 euros. Same observation for the Mégane E-Tech.

For its part, Dacia has also increased the price of the Spring by 1000 euros. Regarding Volkswagen, the leader in electric car sales in Europe in October 2022, the German manufacturer had not yet announced a price increase. Until now.

Volkswagen is raising the prices of its electric cars…

Indeed, we have just learned that VW has just significantly increased the prices of its most popular electric models in France, starting with ID.3. On the manufacturer’s online configurator, the electric city car in its Active Pro Performance version is now displayed from €46,100compared to 44,990 euros previously. This therefore corresponds to an increase of 1100 euros on the invoice.

Inflation also affects the e-Up!, the manufacturer’s small electric city car. Previously displayed at 26,040 euros, the e-Up! is now available for 1000 euros more, at €27,040. As our colleagues from the Clean Automobile site point out, these increases are not insignificant. Remember, in October 2022, the government announced new rules for the ecological bonus.

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To compensate for the increase in the ecological bonus

From now on, the maximum aid of 6,000 euros can be granted for electric cars worth up to 47,000 euros, compared to 45,000 euros previously. After January 1, 2023, the boost will amount to €5,000, except for the most modest households who will still be able to benefit from a bonus of €7,000.

You will therefore have understood it, by revising the price of its electric cars upwards, Volkswagen compensates for possible losses due to the change in the threshold of the ecological bonus. By offering the ID.3 at 46,100 euros, the manufacturer increases the price of the car while allowing customers to access the maximum bonus. Attention, the reciprocal is not the same for all models.

For the ID.3 in its Active Pro S finish, the bill goes up to 49,100 euros. Results, this model is no longer eligible for the maximum bonus. From now on, users can only claim aid of 2000 euros, in any case until December 31. Indeed, the aid for vehicles displayed at more than 47,000 euros must drop from next year.

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