Volkswagen: there will be an ID.1… we know its price and release date!

Alexander Schmid

March 17, 2023 at 12:45 p.m.


Volkswagen ID.3 2023 © © Volkswagen

The ID.3 © Volkswagen

The ID.1 will be a kind of electric Polo, and we already know the release window and the price targeted by the German manufacturer.

While Volkswagen will increase its investments in electrics over the next five years, the manufacturer is announcing new models to succeed the ID.5, ID.4 and ID.3. The ID.2all concept has just been presented, and a commercial model should see the light of day in 2025 below the 25,000 euro mark. An ID.1 will also complete the electric range of the German brand.

The same platform as the ID.2all

Thomas Schäfer, one of Volkswagen’s most important figures since last year, said that the launch of the ID.1 is planned for 2027. It will be a compact and affordable electric car. The manager announces that he is aiming for a price of less than 20,000 euros while admitting that this is a major challenge for his teams.

Whether at Volkswagen, Cupra or Skoda, this is not the first time that the automotive giant has tried to design an electric vehicle sold below the symbolic threshold of 20,000 euros without ever succeeding so far. But thanks to the MEB Entry platform, the manufacturer could succeed in its bet this time.

We can now do a lot in terms of economies of scale. Within our group we produce four vehicles with Cupra and Skoda [ndlr : l’ID.2all repose aussi sur MEB Entry]. This volume will help us drive down prices to be competitive while continuing to generate profits. “says Thomas Schäfer, quoted by the British publication Coach.

A Polo ID? Or a Polo ID?

The vehicle that we call today ID.1 should display dimensions similar to those of a Polo, and Volkswagen does not refrain from using this name for this model. “ The Polo is a success and one of our icons […]. As for using the same vehicle name, we don’t know yet if we will. We are currently working on these iconic names to make sense of the product line in the future. », explains Thomas Schäfer.

The executive makes it known that he is not against a hybrid nomenclature. “ID Polo” would for example identify the vehicle to Volkswagen’s ID electric range while taking advantage of the popularity of Polo. Specifications for the car have not been shared, but it is expected to share some with the ID.2all.

Source : Coach

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