Volunteers, they give meaning to their lives: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

"Instead of staying at home and going around in circles, I decided to help myself and lend a hand to the Eating from the heart near my home ". Like Cécile, 32, a part-time salesperson, many French people have started volunteering in recent months. A good windfall for the associations which since the spring had seen a good number of older volunteers withdraw because of the health crisis. A craze for solidarity which is all the more necessary as needs have increased in recent months with the increase in precariousness following the Covid-19 crisis. The desire to act and engage in collective initiatives is healthy in our society, explains France Volunteer. Over the past ten years, all the studies have shown it and the associations have observed it, especially among young people. The health crisis has demonstrated this again. If the associations are seeing their membership rejuvenate, the idea is not to oppose the generations but to move them forward together to "strengthen the dynamics of engagement".

"I spend happy moments with old people": Olivia, 23 years old

As a student, I wanted to give time to elderly people who feel alone. It was a way of recreating the bond I have with my grandparents. The idea is to spend a few hours with them, go for walks, or go with them to a medical appointment. Through an association, I met Simone, 88, and we got on very well right away. We see each other about twice a week. Each time, they are very happy moments, she is inexhaustible on many subjects! , *parisencompagnie.org

"We offer sweets to the most deprived": Gwenaelle, 43 years old

I have been marauding for three years with Pâtisseries Solidaires. We go to people who live in the streets by distributing our cakes and pastries. All these sweets are unsold from pastry chefs who generously give them to us. A united way of fighting against food waste and bringing a little joy to the most disadvantaged. It makes me happy to see their eyes shine when I suggest they choose what makes them happy. ; facebook.com/PatisseriesSolidaires

"Everything you need for the mother-to-be and her baby": Camille, 46 years old

I have been involved in this association * for three years. We help pregnant women in great precariousness (refugees, homeless, etc.) by providing them with suitcases with everything they need for the stay in the maternity ward and to take care of the baby during the first days of life. We regularly organize hotlines to sort all the donations we receive and then make the small luggage. The needs are immense. Between "storks", we support each other a lot! How can you not be touched as a mother by the destitution of some women who have nothing to welcome their future child? ; *unpetitbagagedamour.org

"We help the owners to take care of their dog": Marie-Hélène, 47 years old

I did my first marauding five years ago. I immediately understood that this is where I wanted to help myself. My action is not just to distribute kibble. It also makes it possible to renew the dialogue with very poor people. One way to gain their trust is through the support we give their dog. Animals are often their last social bond. For many of them, this is the only thing that connects them to life. Reinforcing them in their responsibility as teachers helps them to remain worthy. gamellespleines.fr

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